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Welcome to Saturday 9. What we’ve committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do “random questions,” so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don’t have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today’s meme. 

Saturday 9: Gidget (1965)

Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here.

1) Gidget was a sitcom that ran only one season. Have you ever seen it?
Probably, but I don’t remember it. 

2) Gidget is a high school student who is more interested in surfing and boys than in the books. When you were Gidget’s age, was your top priority getting good grades? Or were you more involved in the social side of student life?
Social, unfortunately

3) Gidget’s father was nearly always unflappable when it came to his daughter’s high-spirited shenanigans. Who is the coolest, calmest person you know?
My husband

4) Gidget spends as much time as she can at the beach, hanging out with her best friend Larue. Fair-skinned Larue doesn’t share Gidget’s passion for surfing and prefers to stay on the beach blanket, wearing a floppy hat that protects her from the sun. Are you a sun worshipper? Or, like Larue, are you careful about your exposure to the sun?
I like to get some color, but I burn like a match!!
5) Gidget, the quintessential California girl, was created by Freidrich Kohner, an Austrian-born screenwriter. Can you think of another Austrian import?
Keith Urban… or was he from Australia. 
6) Howard Greenfield and Jack Keller wrote this week’s Gidget theme. They also wrote the 1960 hit song, “Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool.” When is the last time you felt foolish?
Yesterday. I wet myself during my biopsy. Here Mary, these are your underpants in the plastic bag!!! 
7) This is the show that introduced Sally Field. She went on to win two Oscars and four Emmy Awards. When you think of Sally, what role comes to mind?
The Flying Nun!! 
8) Today Gidget is a grandmother. Sally reports that her grandchildren especially enjoy “sleepovers at Granny’s.” Where were you the last time you spent the night away from home?
eh, my stays are usually HOSPITAL stays! so last month
9) Random question — Describe your perfect lazy afternoon.
Oh today was perfect. A nice light breeze in my amazing bed. Not that being in bed was nice, but I was kind of groggy from the meds yesterday and the light off and on nap all day, and my girls in bed with me… it was a nice peaceful breezy day. 

2 thoughts on “Gidget

  1. The Gal Herself

    Don’t feel foolish about anything that happens in the hospital. I’ve had tests done for my bowel and then for my kidney and found the experiences mortifying. But the nurses? There isn’t anything they haven’t seen before. To us, it’s a big deal. To them? Business as usual, just another patient.


  2. Stacy

    Listen to the Gal. Things that seem huge to us are no big deal to the doctors and nurses…and some of the things that I’ve thought were the most mortifying at the time have, over time, become hilarious stories.


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